Saga Infinite

by Suzuki Kaioh

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Dope Head Nod Hip Hop
entirely produced by Suzuki Kaioh 2012 Hokuto Kids


released October 13, 2012

produced by Suzuki Kaioh 2012 Hokuto Kids



all rights reserved


Suzuki Kaioh Brooklyn, New York

residing in Brooklyn NYC Suzuki Kaioh aka Skyma ZBS is mixture of a lot of fly styles from different regions across the USA. Bringing a unique sound and vibe unlike many others in the game. Production Styles range from Rugged Boom Bap to Experimental Jazz, DNB and Funk ... more

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Track Name: Tune Out
tune out politics, hes troublesome
no im not a democrat or republican
black as fuck
rocking a thrift store tux lookin tough
scrooge mcduck with the dutch,
bitch what, twist it up
blitzed as fuck, shoot you duck
loots the root of evil
i think midievel
hooks is lethal, books by seigel
beanie crooks a peep you
nothin new to me dude
im fly like seagulls
breeze thru as i creep thru
the cops a seek you
try to lock and beat you
lifes a beagle
chillin' at the beach sippin regal
70's born, a grown man before swag hit
cheef wooz, graff jackets
grew up on golden axe era kids
bastards with bizarre tactics
Track Name: Tactical Ops
Verse 1
sippin Kirin
Ichiban you catchin feelins
when im revealin these wildstyles that was hidden
before this, hittin a swoll spliff
daily ritual
as im spittin some cold shit, habitual
knowing the hate exists as an obstacle
hop over that shit bitch quick, im unstoppable
spec ops mission impossible
hokuto crops is choppable
bag it up
could care less about pop shit
not crying about the state of hip hop bitch
i make it
the game been stripped naked
so i play by my own rules
rule number 2 never fake it
create with my own tools i own too
love to get chics naked
dont gotta ask you to chics never bashful
no talkin bout my cash flow
never blast fools

verse 2

rockin my jacket like macross pilots
in a world of violence
fly space suit max status
my lines incite riots
so be quiet
if you dont like it, speak silent
omega red tech
with a thing for redheads
i never cooperate with the feds man
you could wind up a dead man
i was a teen in the 90s bumpin Redman
playing mega man at bens pad
now im grown up
many shots of L have been thrown up
blowin clouds of dro with my nigga byrd
thats word..
256 legend
making moves globally
me vs them
SK wins with a grin, after one to em chin'
adamantium skin Errol Flynn with the pen
dope as heroin injections thru your skin
street fighter 4 ken
Track Name: Icepicks
verse 1-

keep a eye for the popo
yo yo
im never thinkin in slo-mo
thats a no no
quarterback maneuvers like Romo
bama to chicago
djs mix like mulatto
niggas thinkin they tony and manolo
get no doh, eh yo

a mind like a psychic
fuck if you like it
i roll with no sidekicks
to the point like spike tips
i might knife kids with sound like icepicks

involved in crime
tryin ta shine
feelin like i lost my mind
feelin like cryin
i recline back at the lab
roll up dime
take one to the dome
as i sit at my home
reminiscence of my past
while i listen to jazz
split like apartheid from the dark side
i dodge hospital beds at parkside
and spark lah

niggas think they barkin loud
inner child got em' actin foul
be a smart guy
watch ya vowels
im not Pat Sajak
watch ya mouth dont say jack

hook -
sound like icecpics
always tight shit
stay laced like nice kicks
trees ignited

verse 2

fresh like Colgate
hold the most weight
diggin in the crates
for a beat
thats cold case
dont make the fans wait
ya clan is pancake
a bunch of lightweights
who rock a sly face
i skate like tony from the crime scene
get the crowd hype like caffeine
peep it

new schemes pop off like vodka
run with goons that a rob ya
Biggie and Pac ya
now you wondering who shot ya
i lay back eating pasta
far from a mobster
more like a rasta
got the girls feelin it yo
like frank sinatra
the dank is proper
im the type to roast ya
like ponderosa
Track Name: Tetsuo
Verse - 1
exhalin piff smoke into the inner city skies
politikin with sick folks and allies, sick meaning dope dummies
niggas is pussy look into their eyes realize the truth studio gangstas in the booth
knuckle up and lose a tooth for that weak shit that you produced
i shine like truck jewels metallic armor rust proof
follow rules or get crushed dude
choose the right path or self destruct
niggas mundane, metaphors a scar ya brain i remain arcane
powerful like cocaine
fuck sippin champagne im too inhumane for that
push you into the fast lane you lames get slain on tracks
plus you niggas is wack..get up to speed dookie i remain profane
eat wack emcees like chow mein obtain goals through patience
reign supreme stack your dreams up connect with blacks and asians
amazing beat manifestations bringin back that real shit ike reincarnation
style get nasty like eggnog shit that make real niggas heads fuck it

Hook -
You niggas is creampuffs, english muffins destroy your squad like David Ruffin

Verse - 2

Youll be replaced for giving a bad face to the negro race
your final resting place suffocate under a pillow case
you soft as lace virgin, who hasnt made it to second base
disgrace to the human race couldnt chip my armor plate
warrior style like golden state golden axe jacks cats in the face
new niggas are garbage im bitter, heavy hitter drunk off liquor, of course i licked her
i like the taste of clean muff creampuff ill admit it
rockin Suzuki custom graff fitted youre not permitted your whole existence omitted
the shit i spitted is venomous, auto-tune users no friend to us
biter ass niggas endless lust for success have niggas suckin dick for checks lose all respect
you played like David Ruffin fuck up the whole team for the schemes..

Hook -
You niggas is creampuffs, english muffins destroy your squad like David Ruffin
Track Name: Formula
Verse 1 -

Vibe out African tribe clout, slide out, around the nation
globetrotter vacations bass lines grimier than turtle feet
hopping over hurdles, leap froggin over girls i meet
speech is lovely, my reach is gully, they dont love me they love you
we thug through. on some casual goon shit actual music we love to make, debate about it while i get faded, doubt if you could move me
i puff woolies and watch Bruce Lee

Verse 2 -
innovate live a sinners fate fill my dinner plate
vaporize thru the holy skies we philosophize
Pythagoras sippin vodka we puffin this octupus
shocking like blankas fuzz ,skunky bud
chunky cuz, dont ever try to play me
i punch your face like Swayze
Patrick my mathematics add up
to subtract kids from galactics
grids that i navigate like sulu
flows Goku beams that a roast you
like Tatsunoku locals
g force kids the striders
the ones who still play old school street fighter

Verse 3 -

the kid think he so punk
he get drunk and blow chunks
whatta chump puffin skunk
wanna fight yeah right
youll take a flight the airs nice
in air nikes
no plugs on drugs
bright lights city nights
akira shit
tetsuo dont touch my bike
the crass type i took a bite
forbidden fruit
the spice of life that leaves a bruise
my minds warped off porno views
always checkn fat asses its fantastic
my heartrate increases
like anime beat stick
this kid is so amano jyaku
the overfiend control his dreams
nightmares in the devils schemes
Track Name: Do What
Roll up trees, oh so green, now im high watch me fly
birds eye view peep my debut, how i come thru
you don't have a clue..sipping brews the decisions we choose
don't misconstrue or get confused, we chop trees
tropical breeze hot fee's ones Chinese a fine thing..
im misunderstood but its all good, live grimy but its all hood
cops sacks of the best wood, peep my word game, str8 flame
roast a birdbrain, lame niggas all the same peep my aim
sharpshooter, super computer calculates while i sit back
roll sacks of piff, thats that, rockin' pitch black get robbed for your knick knacks
so get back.

Hook - We do what it do, roll up the fattest blunts you ever seen pimp like limousine's

Verse - 2

Unruly antics in ghetto studio's blowing Dro beautiful scores match dime
verses with no rehearses, stay high like Saturn, change patterns in rhyme battering tactics, emerged from the 8 bit era, Mega Man pixel shading elements a force to be reckoned with like pissed elephants star with elegance shine resonant
while this weed got me feelin' sexiness, a fine fee sitting right next to this
have em topless from the game effortless,
chase papes with gully cats, blaze L's majorly, rock beats fat
spit amazing frees chiba sensei fuck what them say
off that bombay the cheech and chong way, bubble tea and thai entrees
off the bomb haze..garcia leaf, vega, beast..finishing touches on beats custom grafff sneaks!!

Hook - We do what we do, roll up the fattest blunts you ever seen pimp like limousine's
Track Name: Bet Not
I drop gems like drunk pirates twist up skunk get
high like pilots swing on biters im non violent
unless provoked dope quotes i wrote get spoke by scholars
product sell for top dollar, broke shot callers
alcoholics, ballers..carry weight like u haul does
spit raw verses so ill could be cursed ashed to ashes
pass hash tactics savage axe battles
rattle cabbages with ancient passages
im like Hugh Hef in his prime level rhyme devil
battle against time
sippin Barcardi lime raw like war crimes
climbling to the top, stay chopped niggas more pop than soda
claiming gangsta watch how the drama change ya
danger money exchanger merchandise worth your life fuck your wife.
you kids is butter knife. Suzuki K sean gulley nice..
twice as love girls with nice ass, semi crass, diamond sharp
cut glass rejected my art class

Hook -
Young Tycoons who ball from June to June
roll with platoon of goons creep thru like typhoons
lazy afternoon smoke sessions in my girls room
play me on your Xbox nastier than sweat-socks
disrespect you BET NOT!
Track Name: The Greatest ft George Jetson
Verse - Jetson

When getting caught red handed with my contraband I'm the kind of man who falls off the planet, up gone n vanish.

Not before I'll have you forfeit assets to my cartels bandits. The Greatest there is and there ever was, Etcetera Etcetera, distant echelons and then beyond, in dimensions which you never saw, in a world which resembles Tron. Metaphors, Pack as much energy as a Nebula...

So I add upon my plethora of lessons learned, which then get taught in return cuz I'm generous. Little whorish kitties swore their titties were more than jiggly play things for when I'm bored and getting horny, silly. Getting wrong Ideas, cuz I comment that her tongue was pierced when really I dont fucking care. It's called a conversation starter now she wants a baby's father sorry darling but I'm not gon take your offer. So try to make a replica but How? I be ill when flippin styles n still will be around for many millenia from now... now keep trying to cop that Louie, rocking knock off Coogi well you can not dupe me,nah, here's my cosign and that's all that you need...Yours Truly...
Track Name: Atari GrownUp Riot
Verse 1

just ask Patricia
shes as bout as gothic
as Morticia
sent her to the store to pick up more liquor
go to war with ya caliber
for high scores on Galaga
shes an angry bird
cant control her anger spurts
mad at the world swag
always where danger lurks
felt the pain that hurts
lesbian Cobain with words
she banged a nurse
this dames the worst with a brain thats cursed
this bitch stay hella erked
type to yell at clerks
they just smirk..rockin yellow shirts
forgot where i met her
she sniffs cocaine with nerds
she never gave me back my brown sweater
you sneaky bitch
order pizza with the bad checks
yeah you failed math tests dont care if you got bad breath
a tad left
she stay mad vexxed
with ass like kardashian
carpets get splashed with gin
i need an aspirin pass a spliff
shes a headache
but i still hit it
made the bed shake with ill rhythm.

Hook - patty cake patty patty patty cake patty cake

patricia verse 2

she hangs out at the park after dark
with magic cards
eye makeup caked up
hangin out with 8 sluts
bothering old folks for no reason
shes provoking policemen
spit at cops and get locked by the coffee shop
she beastin at the precinct
watch out for this chic
shes dangerous you might think shes on angel dust
rockin black lipstick
end up handcuffed fuckin around with this biiiitch
trust me
to escape her matrix without drama is lucky
only person she ever ran from is Chucky

Hook - patty cake patty patty patty cake patty cake