Black Science!

by Suzuki Kaioh

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Fresh New Hip Hop Produced Entirely by Suzuki Kaioh for Hokuto Kids SKGA Empire


released August 19, 2012

produced, arranged and mixed by Suzuki Kaioh for Hokuto Kids



all rights reserved


Suzuki Kaioh Brooklyn, New York

residing in Brooklyn NYC Suzuki Kaioh aka Skyma ZBS is mixture of a lot of fly styles from different regions across the USA. Bringing a unique sound and vibe unlike many others in the game. Production Styles range from Rugged Boom Bap to Experimental Jazz, DNB and Funk ... more

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Track Name: Elite
Verse 1 -
the whole game soso so i blow dro
Vincent Van Gogh flow priceless mic spit
foul like free-throws always tight shit
chill with my amigos we ignite nice spliffs
haters fall back yo im kinda psycho
half of you niggas styles commercial like geico
fly flows Baxter Stockman pick pocket'n
whats good my nigga BYRD whats choppin fam
making moves with many options theres no stoppin em
posted up with goons and goblins sample choppin em
usual suspects niggas who bust techs..
stay fresh like newborns got your girl to do porn
war torn savage dragon you niggas pink unicorns with gay fashion
rockin girlie jeans and them lil ass T's nigga please thats cool tho
do you tho..not tryna criticize niggas now im my prime niggas wow wow wow

Hook -
Piff an ounce to this titties bounce to this count your chips
more amounts to get amped to spit to the flyest beats rollin swisher sweets super criminal feats with a small fleet of the most elite
uniqueness custom graff sneakers hats and chibas..

Verse - 2

you niggas vaginal intercourse soft as sex
i injure more cats than ninja wars fact is i splinter more than mutated
rat kids,( master splinter) martial artist you metaphors scar kids noggins
raw dungeon dragon action heated life or death passion
golden axe'n the parodius masses view of what rap is..
my slogans potent hokuto shoguns destroy rodents
robeast that crushed voltron 5 lions smacked like 5 kittens in a mission
its ill wisdom..chics left smitten by spanked and branded facial abuse standards. nope? nah what a bastard my Alucard cape flap
tell you take dat take dat, my stay baked stats not 8 claps
headnodic not Drake rap psychotic, Hip Hop shit i scrape cats
im off narcotics often destined for a coffin but im talkin shit..
whatever i get better, shred cats like lettuce you cant see it
for better or worse..take it for what its worth

Hook -
Piff an ounce to this titties bounce to this count your chips
more amounts to get amped to spit to the flyest beats rollin swisher sweets super criminal feats with a small fleet of the most elite
uniqueness custom graff sneakers hats and chibas..
Track Name: Yeah Right
Verse - 1
Niggas say what? like who wanna try who?
we can knuckle up street fight like Ryu
but i keep it peachy, nothing you can teach me
you niggas riunite like mikes hard sweet tea
im scarred like Zangief sharper than a shanks tip
always give thanks quick to ones that have helped me..
only live once so i try to live healthy
watch the beef it can kill ya..i dont mean mcdonalds
you niggas fumble penalites you never stumble? yeah right..

Hook - you niggas never stumble yeah right, these cats fuckin up on a daily basis

My minds on matrix you dummies look glitchy
my minds on stabilty silly fuck blowin up..
gimme a few acres..ill live it up tilt my cup we all in this
till the finish lets make the best of it..not necessarily
the best to spit still im blessed with an extra clip..
steel chest equipped (colossus) mind of a scientist
naturally inclined to rip arrogant obnoxious
chic stare at him hes a character..
Suzuki Kaioh's psyche malaria..
twist brick to fluffy shit in your area..

Hook - you niggas never stumble yeah right, these cats fuckin up on a daily basis
Track Name: Altered Beast
Vader Hook - perhaps you think youre being treated unfairly?
Lando - "No"
Vader - Good Good Good Good! it would be unfortunate
Welcome to your doom!

Verse - 1

your team sweet as swishers, im vicious, plus..dusty..projects is mecha rusty like..when the jawas found R2...krusty the klown grimey..rhyming with kind, heineys sippin sublime mission chics is fine twist one, spliff recline get some.(whuut)...listen..hungry like the wolf but not a teen..crush swag teams for nothin' they tootsie role like cant see it im awful i toss javelins stabbin men, slashin em..Cassius Clay type frees that i break you with will free slaves erase emancipation shit..Abe Lincoln type dont understand my chain link fence and hoppin options galactic..zoom thru the zentraedi beams, then i hit you with scotty schemes beam me up yo..chics is all on this my style flaunts quick thru your corners blazing marijuana yo..i never liked the mayor ill dye(die) before grey hair..dont stare..but who caaarrees..

Vader Hook - perhaps you think youre being treated unfairly?
Lando - "No"
Vader - Good Good Good Good! it would be unfortunate
Welcome to your doom!

Verse - 2

The freaks come out at night so watch it..
im sitting in the cockpit i might blast your whole block quick
niggas cant fuck with this im cobra commandin
Darth Vader Alexander the great slashin, at night time or daytime
fashion, im active to bash these kids, galactic, i moon walk
like Mike Jack did..without a glove thats glittery, instantly riddle'ing break back chemistry Taliban. missile launch destroy buildings
type carnage a savage Conan slash kids..its me Suzukiii Kaioh
the craziest mentality plugged into cybernetic brain casualties
LA laker hater brain barbarian barracade breaker..
piranha teeth scraper, all agiant ya face smack your makeup off then
take your Jacob..niggas act so stupid they fake what!
are you doing who you think you fooling youre tooling with the wrong person end up on the back of the milkbox hurtin!
Track Name: Daggers ft Ace Lover
Verse 1 - Suzuki Kaioh

Im big like Godzilla stompin thru Tokyo
niggas get on stage and croak with OhkeeDohkee flow
karaoke cats is so wack..i blaze into the future im not lookin back.
Suzuki Kaioh one of the wildest on the track
type to accidentally slap your girlfriends ass on purpose
underground rose to the surface, fuck the pop mainstream blazing up limegreen eh yo, we fire like Molotov, your whole clan hella soft
Teletubbies Hello Kitty soft, fat girl with big titties soft,
Mississippi raw at the Titty bar sippin Henny get that weed in me
Jealous ones envy like Fat Joe let your click know who controls this
Nanto Star blows piff purple hazin' it amazing shit leave you in a daze.
swingin bats like Willie Mays, tell em that crime pays
we go apes like primates and increase the crime rate
daily criminal philosopher with rhymes great. middle finger vertical
to all those cats that hate..we never fuckin heard of you plus your rhymes aint shiiit
on the mic..we'll murda you and your whole fuckin click dummyyyyy!

Verse 2 - Ace Lover

i pop the tape up in the deck
swisher to twist up, elixir in the cup on a park bench bent
politicin like republicans Dominican connects got me double'n my cake up
in the concrete jungle a wolf like Jacob
i toss daggers at rappers egos and deflate them
seducin hoes like a pro that look like centerfolds
im back with that realness you know they gon feel this
im like a track star when im dippin from the d's
do the opposite when the police yell freeze
eh yo, im peaceful yall dont want no problems with me
hit you with a 3 piece like Muhammad Ali
use to roll with thugs, drug dealers robbers and thieves
now im doin sold out shows, overseas
eh yo i spoke to the oracle she said Ace listen(wha?)
you got Elohim blood flowin thru your system
Hold up!
hold ya head intellect a slip
my G's behind the wall doin 11 a clip
eh yo im still out here in the streets reppin that shit
1st one to act up be the next to get hit..
droppin consecutive hits yo i got this shit locked
got no respect for snakes that always sit hot
eh yo im tossin daggers!
Track Name: Sport
verse 1-
summertime heat moves
where criminals seek you
in a world of depressed kids
my credentials impressive

i creep thru fly muffins
day to day life buggin
guard your noggin from being a target
cards im tossin like gambit its awesome
youre countin your losses
chics fiend for the sausage im ravishing often
a savage when lost in thoughts of assault
but not nuclear holocaust computer nerds
mind is Jupiter whos stupider..
spit putrid words man im a maneuverer
the span of my many talents is peeped by Lucifer
the world is social network altered now
facebook like my sound bitch get down to this
nasty as slaughtered cow documentaries
astounding elements of audio vortex's
been a hokuto kid since elementary shock ya mental steez
perplex who the fuck is this guy
sizzzz you like a fish fry

verse 2 -
he got gadgets, nasty like burps
high as fuck rollin up purp
glasses like urkel scientist strategize eyin chics
shit that i make a work, fuckin eh right bitches move
to the groove
chillin on the curb flow aerosol spray can groove
fuck up ozone, oh no hes movin' turbo
give a fuck, with xray vision give it up

see a lot of thug clones
im flappin superman capes
askin where the hoes go
tell em get they clothes gone
need em on this pickle bitches
kiss it till it grows long
kai flip em like kickflip
never simple shit
spit ridiculous
chillin in a shaolin temple ripped
drunk off liq
with a Brazilian chic with
perfect hips
who knows jujitsu hold the heat
and work the Ginsu
drunk off saki ginfyu
niggas yakisoba lookin like malik yoba
bitches into yoga know they pussy smell like okra

verse 3 -
opposite of basegod
call me outer space god
splash raw waste on your face
my wifeys fake fingernails
claw ya face raw
leavin nasty scrape scars
chasin papes like
bank robbery's
deadly shank slaughter be
melodys for hentai
mentally i been fly
keep sour deez jars
wise like the jedi
in clusters how we break squads
self proclaimed sex god
in a land where snakes rob
refuse to just take jobs
in groups how we take broads
we crept thru america like mexicans
if i was president
id let em in
high off medicine
custom ohio state letterman
sexy bitch in leopard print
heaven sent
with 5
different fetishes
sent me Facebook messages
wantin me to toss it up
im like what
Track Name: Lean Mode
one for little kugi
mr fuji
suzuki rockin dirty coogi
black sho kosugi,

sword swing
mitsurugi stances
boo'in all the latest dances,
take your chances
the most advance kids end up damaged,

all samples handpicked,
rockin stan smiffs,
emcees flaky like dandruff
thinking they can handle this
get dismantled quick
blaze spliff big as candlesticks

megatron hard shit
welcome to the jungle
10 yrd fight where weak kids fumble
limestone county out to Brooklyn
where kids smuggle bundles
underground like tunnels
some carry burners
entry level thugs can become big earners

big ballers push
fat whips
twistin corners

i say what i feel in my verse
a snitches destinies the hearse
ahead of my time
incredible rhyme burst
shine radiant
as im slaying kids
this time worse
in my prime superb
Track Name: High Speed
verse 1
my brains out in deep space
zone like the beats haze
chill where the freaks play
lava how the streets blaze
keep a swisher sweet
days passin into to weeks
stay stressin from these freaks
may legends rest in peace
homage to the dj
elements of kings
a helping hand to scene

choose culture over fame
the illusion game is lame
im not confused i learned the ways
yeah i know these kids is fake
wisdoms tells me not to hate
plus these niggas gettn paid
thinkin fuck youtube plays
odd nigga
aquired taste
with no crybabies ways
he still will amaze you
acting kinda hateful
and they will never praise you.
fanbase kinda craze too
Kaioh spit breakthru's
sippin in grey goose

Hook 4 x - Type to light trees till eyes like Chinese, i move in high speed off 8ths of thai weed

verse - 2

step one
destroy my ego..
accept the lie of mediocrity..
comparison to Socrates..
my game is soccer team..
im lazy with my writing..
shits crazy for a viking..
rotting away in front of flight sims
chillin with my white friends..
evolving past my culture's trends,
niggas jeans is tighter than little kim's
with the cutest chics now..
niggas get pissed
lookin like chris brown...
need to sit down..
i told em to bow
im workin on my rick ross belly
cuz im lazy..
you played out like kriss kross
flower like daisy
push up what? bitches is dirty
bitches think im crazy but on the actin flirty yeah you know..
from the dirty dirty south, Athens Al style Limestone county 256
we toss you..Crush!

Hook 4 x - Type to light trees till eyes like Chinese, i move in high speed off 8ths of thai weed
Track Name: Pro Tools
Hook - 2x
High school prom shiiit, i didnt go to, im way past that shii
im on Pro Tools, laying these tracks down oh he's so cool
this nigga a fool

verse - 1

Hit you with the new chapter, crews scatter
from here to Saturn my new patterns confuse bastards

A game of might with the mic is essential
the fact i trump all ..coincidental
Meditation transcendental in a Lincoln continental
eating bagels with an angel lookin like Mila Kunis
the rudest nigga to verbally do this..
Popeye and Brutus beef saga of drama
in the streets of ganja avoid dramatics
yawn at those flows homie all that guntalk is static
phony, filler that only moves dummies money..
so what my fans are nerds..those the cats with the dankest herb
and the most up to date tech nigga..
not to mention cutey bunnies dont get it twisto...
guerrilla in the mist flow, 80's ice cube shit yo with a 2012 twist tho..

Hook - 2x
High school prom shiiit, i didnt go to, im way past that shii
im on Pro Tools, laying these tracks down oh he's so cool
this nigga a fool

Verse - 2

protect your neck like vampire hunters im a skilled as D
number one Suzuki, non categorized non boushie
chics is eye twinkle..Mikimotos duck face pose in photos is so bogue(bogus)
bitch go vogue 808 so bold touch your soul hear it boom
soul glow, hear me roar, Lion O omen sword, split ya gourd
Gorg Bedolza, Zentran fleet commander posed up
bought fake thai stick in salt lake city once
some drunk moves ive made was pretty dunce
still drink beers smoke blunts and chase tits
looking out for spaceships approaching
coach Kings..

Hook - 2x
High school prom shiiit, i didnt go to, im way past that shii
im on Pro Tools, laying these tracks down oh he's so cool
this nigga a fool
Track Name: Hold Her
hold her in my arms keep her body warm
naughty thoughts but no surprises when temperature rises
im on some fly shit tone down my childish ways suprised by the wildest days
blazing up this haze chillin thinkin crime pays
eyes on the prize chillin laid up with a fine babe

sippin bubble tea
rollin trees
lampin in belize
chillin vip
with a fee
gettin older now
bolder now
with a focus now
put those boulders down
hold the crown
from dirty south
make them shoulders bounce
smoke a ounce kaioh shogunate
never bogus sounds
hit the ground
potent slogans pitch
never basic bitch
face it kid
verse is glaciers cold

joggin rockin asics
or coppin weight from papi just to make flips
take trips to tokyo
sippin saki weightless
flirtin with a hot japanese waitress
karate chop playlists
i break kids faces
they spread rumors baseless
fly mr spaceship.
tell the industry fuck you
take a piss and tell em take this
choose real over fake tits
the kush that we bake lit
connected like a bracelet
the style is so abrasive
Track Name: Slick
Jerry curl drip slick ..broke pimp shit
he swears up and down every chic digs him
they vibe to the rhythm chillin with fine lookin vixens
dirty like pigpen..dirty south shit spins felony convictions impossible missions

Tom cruise sippin on cold brews sittin on old stoops looking antisocial
his motion like loko..a black duke togo.. no paparazzi no red carpet photos.
swag is no joke i smoke with cholos..weed so professional clean as soap with special niggas blopops..soft like.. gobots you pop micro we roll crops hold props.. the size of planets..expose chics boobs like..Janet..power level gigantic like the titanic..with godzilla antics you niggas cant stand this..Nikita Koloff raw..dragon scale armor donned do harm..robot crush you like a crouton move calm..magic shit like mages, navigate thru streets of rage swift advanced in stages.
double dragon 3 phases jimmy lee roundhouse i stagger opponents when needed i stay weeded..i should wear a cape my jeans fit like drapes, niggas wannabee drake but my team seals your fate
ryuuken quote level words wise above foul put you on trial like whoppner, my chopper pop nerds in choplifter..give a fuck less than a pot pisser..still somewhat of a philosopher..cooler if the scene got liquor, futuristic scheme plot thinker..Danny Ocean 2012 flippin coins in the wishing well twistin L's
spaceghost!! snake hoes in Winnebago's, Trini and Barbados caked up the payroll.
dont get the yayo from connects like Pedro i make dough..sell you fl studio gimme some dro..
Track Name: Shine
you bitchniggas pretentious
im so technical
thats the reason why ya girlie on my testicles

flows over raw beats
man we bury those
have it bumpin all loud thru ya cheap stereos

i love breakbeats
never made cheap
sparrin in the game
i jab with great reach

move with godspeed
yeah i got weed
eyes stay chopped like
gilbert godfrey
four loko got me wobbly
chillin miyagi choppin
poppin ollies options
never folly plottin rotten
in the rotten apple
known as gotham

sk innovate thruout the darkness
you know we get it poppin
we known to spark dolphins
im not 2 flossy
that shit might cost me

flows get bossy
king koopa lost to me
toss beams at ya face
cause damage like grenades
im still in the struggle
no rhymes about doin it
i live in ancient doomed ruins kid
with lucrative movements hit
with maneuvers for improvement get money
to better my life
not to floss
daggers get tossed
you lost like koopa